Pengjie Ren

I'm a postdoc researcher at the Information and Language Processing Systems (ILPS) at the University of Amsterdam. I work on text summarization, dialogue systems and recommender systems with some excellent researchers and students.

News & Activities

  • A full paper is accepted by CIKM, 2019.
  • Presented our work "π-Net: A Parallel Information-sharing Network for Cross-domain Shared-account Sequential Recommendations" at SIGIR.
  • Three full papers are accepted by SIGIR, 2019.
  • The code of FACE from the paper "Improving Neural Response Diversity with Frequency-Aware Cross-Entropy Loss" is available in ParlAI.
  • A full paper and a short paper are accepted by The Web Conference, 2019.
  • A full paper is accepted by AAAI, 2019.
  • A full paper is accepted by TKDE, 2019.
  • I am organizing the Search Engines Amsterdam (SEA) talk for 2019. Contact me if you want to give a talk.



  • The Web Conference 2020
  • WSDM 2020
  • AAAI 2020
  • CCIR 2019
  • SIGIR 2019
  • TOIS
  • TKDE
  • TKDD
  • IPM

Supervision & Cooperation

  • PhD students (in alphabetical order):

    Jiahuan Pei, Shanshan Wang, Shaojie Jiang, Wanyu Chen, Yangjun Zhang, Yifan Chen, Yujie Lin

  • Master students (in alphabetical order):

    Chuan Meng, Muyang Ma, Phillip Lippe, Yubin Wang, Zhongkun Liu

  • Previous students (in alphabetical order):

    Caihua Li, Dianlei Zhang, Jing Li, Kaiyuan Cui, Lei Mei, Meirui Wang, Yang Zhou


  • Chang Tian. MSc Thesis.
  • MSc, Information Retrieval 2. 2018. TA.
  • Michael Schniepp: Automatically Assessing the Need for Revision of Academic Writing using Text Classification.
  • Dimitris Michailidis:Location Aware Sequential Recommendation Using Hybrid Recurrent Neural Networks.
  • Doğu Aracı: FinBERT: Financial Sentiment Analysis with Pre-trained Language Models.
  • Jeffrey Tsang: Applying Transfer Learning Through Pre-training of Public Data Sets to Abstractive Summarization.